The Simple Truth℠

Over several decades of working with significant self-made families, we’ve codified our business model and coined it The Simple Truth. Families engage advisors based on specialty or expertise. However, these separate professions are simply the gears. Without a catalyst and an operator, the specialties and professions lack synchronized motion.

The result is a missing link to getting the work done: a business model that runs the planning machine.

It's a model that’s built to extract your goals – and align your advisors – around a true master plan for the purpose of your wealth.

Your success in business has earned you the right to have…

In The Simple Truth, we show up with leadership and coaching, armed with systems and processes to extract and document your goals, share them with your full advisory team, trouble shoot for simplicity and cohesion, and finally, develop and test drive your plan. We guide the work process and stand accountable to the results.

Phase One: Demystify Your Why℠