The Freedom Switch℠

We come into Phase Two ready to rally around your newfound clarity. Together with all of your existing advisors, we work to transition your planning – from a host of separate entities, transactions and projects – to having a clear master plan.

Our methodology in this phase was born out of an innate drive to diagnose complex scenarios and leverage simplicity to achieve better outcomes.

When we come back to you to present our recommendations, you hear a common voice that delivers The Simple Truth.

We only enlist your bandwidth for ideas and recommendations that align with your goals.

We explain your choices using a combination of pictures, numbers and words that are logical and understandable.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

Your result is a synchronized master plan developed by the brain trust of advisors you’ve relied upon for years. In The Freedom Switch, families discover the freedom to contemplate how to use their time and their wealth. It accelerates their philanthropic goals into the present. They get to experience the joy of it realtime.

Phase Three: The Experience Mentor℠