The Experience Mentor℠

You’ll come into Phase Three with unprecedented clarity in crucial areas. It becomes a bridge to creating family experiences utilizing travel, education and philanthropy. Families find the experiences themselves serve a mentorship role.

We know that many families worry their kids will develop an entitlement mentality, having wealth hinder their disposition or their self-motivation. Families are often afraid that proactive communication about wealth can make things worse. In our experience, having a systematic process for safe interfamily communication actually empowers future generations.

Conversation is naturally stimulated in a manner that wouldn’t occur in a boardroom. The experiences become a de facto mentor – requiring a tool kit of resilience, compassion, introspection and problem-solving.

Kids and grandkids get to see how mom and dad show up in both challenging and celebratory times. It increases self-awareness of their behaviors and beliefs.

Ultimately, future generations feel validated for being included. They get to see and understand the context for your wealth plan. And, equally important, they get to experience your philanthropic passions alongside you. That’s why we call it The Experience Mentor.

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

Importantly, because The Simple Truth is a true business model, it becomes your touchstone as life, family, business and wealth grow and shift. For everything we clean-up, create and launch, we likewise manage it – with you or for you – over the long-term cycle of our relationship. This continuity is the missing link that protects families from reversion to the three barriers that make up the conundrum.