Decades ago, we set out to solve a conundrum.

Each high net worth family and individual to whom we were introduced had done prior planning. In truth, most said they were “done”. Yet they arrived at our door with an unspoken void. Even with so many pieces in place, they didn’t have a clear, master plan.

Why did so many savvy self-made entrepreneurs wear clarity as a second skin when it came to creating their companies, yet that clarity seemed to dissipate when it came to the intention for the use of their wealth?

We knew if we could solve this conundrum, it would shed light on a business model to fix it. During the course of our journey, we identified three common barriers:

Barrier #1

Families had a host of separate entities, transactions and projects, but the pieces were not well orchestrated.

Barrier #2

Families didn’t understand the mechanics of what they had, so they didn’t know why they had it.

Barrier #3

Collectively, their advisors didn’t have a common strategic picture of the family’s desired use of their wealth.

The families had sat in plenty of conference rooms and signed a multitude of documents over the years. Yet, if you woke them out of a cold sleep and asked them what they had and why they had it, there was no clear answer. It was nobody’s fault.

The conundrum gave way to our business model, The Simple Truth℠